• What are the most common solar panel applications?

    Our solar panel kits, portable solar panels, and portable solar generators are some of our most popular applications for consumers. Our solar panel kits include all the essentials you need for your solar installation and make it easy for you to go solar at home or on the road. Our flexible and folding portable solar panels give you the flexibility to set up solar panels whenever and wherever you need power. Portable solar generators, such as the Phoenix Portable Solar Generator, are specifically designed for mobile, off-grid applications, making it ideal for emergencies. Unlike most generators on the market, the Phoenix is an all-in-one solar system with 20 watts of built-in solar, with the option to expand up to 120 watts with additional panels.

  • What are some applications for micro solar panels?

    Portable solar panels can serve a variety of needs, from charging your tablets to fueling up a set of batteries. Renogy’s premium E.Flex 120W portable solar panels are made with high efficiency solar cells to get the most power for your buck. Charge your phone, speakers, tablet, laptop, or cameras with our portable solar panels using the built-in 18V DC port and 5V USB port.