Learning Center
Going solar really doesn't have to be complicated. If you're just starting your solar journey or want to get a very clear picture of how solar power works, we're here to help.
Solar Basics
Here you can find the basics about everything you need to know about solar energy products and systems, from a single solar panel to a whole solar solution.
Going Solar: Options & Costs
Our solar calculator helps you quickly estimate your solar size and cost based on your solar needs. You can also learn solar tax credit, and how Renogy solar products and solutions can meet your needs.
Going Solar: Installation & Monitoring
Have trouble in installing and monitoring a solar system? We offer installation articles and videos to help. Our all-in-one monitoring platforms - Renogy ONE and DC Home - are just for you!
Going Solar: Troubleshooting & Maintenance
Troubleshooting and maintaining your solar system is key to preserving optimal performance. Here are some basic troubleshooting and maintenance suggestions that should help you out.